Jenny and the squat.
24yr old Aussie - gym, wine, music, friends, food, love and selfies. Pretty much sums me up.

Black and white Thursday selfie because that is how I feel today. Drained! I have a lot to get through today so coffee is my friend.

To do:
- Work ~ probably work overtime
- Gym: Legs & stair master
- Clean room and bathroom
- Complete online assessment (last one before my exam woohoo!)
- Maybe tan?

Tomorrow night I’m going out with 3 of my girlfriends and I’m so excited because I haven’t been out for so long and I miss social interaction. Looking forward to relaxing and having a few drinks before yet another weekend full of study!

Also I think it’s funny that my water bottle has to state it has no calories, preservatives ect. Like really?!

  1. avokatie said: You are so gorgeous
  2. bregoindream said: That water thing is really funny. Or maybe not.. huh. It’s a strange world.
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